For over 25 years, Paul has been a leader in the ever-evolving world of visual effects. An innovator in his discipline, he has collaborated with a network of respected artists and technical experts to reimagine storytelling's visual conventions and revolutionise tools and practices across the media industry.

Paul's repertoire of skills is a harmonious fusion of the classic and the avant-garde. His proficiency encompasses an impressive range from photography and graphic design to story and concept development, as well as effective team leadership. Of all his skills, the art of matte painting—a technique that masterfully marries fantasy with reality—resonates most deeply with him.

In commercial directing, Paul has been at the helm of trailblazing campaigns for brands including Volkswagen, Ford, Virgin, and Panasonic. These campaigns are celebrated for their commercial success and ability to craft captivating narratives. These stories connect powerfully with audiences, capturing the essence of each brand and invoking a powerful blend of emotions and excitement.

Paul's influence as a Visual Effects Supervisor is unmistakable in the craft of feature films. He has contributed to the visual impact of blockbusters such as "Prometheus," "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," "Three Thousand Years of Longing," and "Mad Max Furiosa." Working alongside visionary directors such as Ridley Scott, David Michod, and George Miller, Paul's contributions have been pivotal in creating the enchanting cinematic experiences that have enthralled audiences worldwide.

Paul's career is a testament to his passion for blending imaginative artistry with groundbreaking technology, consistently pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling. His journey reflects a dedication to excellence and innovation in the dynamic field of visual effects, making him an inspirational figure for both contemporaries and aspiring artists.